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RocketMinsta is a major game modification for Nexuiz, a Free and Open Source fast-paced first-person arena shooter.    [show more]

The RocketMinsta mod (also known as RM) originated as a small modification of the MinstaGib and GrapplingHook mutators (hence the name). Over time it grew into something much bigger: It adds several new play modes (Freeze Tag, VIP, Jailbreak, Total Domination and more), includes significant HUD improvements for connected Nexuiz clients, fixes several Nexuiz bugs and includes certain features from Xonotic and nexuiz-svn. Classic Nexuiz and the standard MinstaGib and Weapon Arena modes are still supported for server operators who just want the benefits of the fixes. The popular Camping Rifle Arena mod (CRA) is also powered by RM.

RocketMinsta is Free and Open Source Software licensed under the WTFPL. It is not Beerware because I don't really like beer. Anyone is free to use, modify, redistribute and do what the heck they want with this software. If you'd like to contribute to RM, please fork the GitHub repository and send a pull request. If you run in trouble with navigating the source code/compiling/installing the mod on your server, I will gladly help you, just contact me on the IRC or the forums.

Akari, the RM lead developer